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    Writing posts with Ghost ✍️

    Writing posts with Ghost ✍️

    Ghost has a powerful visual editor with familiar formatting options, as well as the ability to seamlessly add dynamic content.

    Select the text to add formatting, headers or create links, or use Markdown shortcuts to do the work for you - if that's your thing.

    Rich editing at your fingertips

    The editor can also handle rich media objects, called cards.

    You can insert a card either by clicking the  +  button on a new line, or typing  /  on a new line to search for a particular card. This allows you to efficiently insert images, markdown, html and embeds.

    For Example:

    • Insert a video from YouTube directly into your content by pasting the URL
    • Create unique content like a button or content opt-in using the HTML card
    • Need to share some code? Embed code blocks directly
    <header class="site-header outer">
        <div class="inner">
            {{> "site-nav"}}

    Working with images in posts

    You can add images to your posts in many ways:

    • Upload from your computer
    • Click and drag an image into the browser
    • Paste directly into the editor from your clipboard
    • Insert using a URL

    Once inserted you can blend images beautifully into your content at different sizes and add captions wherever needed.

    The post settings menu and publishing options can be found in the top right hand corner. For more advanced tips on post settings check out the publishing options post!


    Make a statement with bold section headers in your posts and pages. Insert a header card to add a full width divider that can include a title, subheading, accent color or image background, and a button.

    Build your audience

    Create your own platform on the web. Ghost is a powerful app for new-media creators to publish, share, and grow a business around their content. It comes with modern tools to build a website, publish content, send newsletters & offer paid subscriptions to members.

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    You can add downloadable files to your posts in Ghost. File uploads can be used to share multiple types of content with your audience. Files display in your content with a custom name and caption, like this:

    It’s possible to upload audio files directly to your posts! This means you can share audio content with your audience, with a beautiful media player that nests into your posts and emails seamlessly.


    Fitz Lauzier

    Gérard Lauzier (30 November 1932 – 6 December 2008) was a French comics author best of the leading authors in the more adult French comics scene of the 1970s and 1980s.